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Network Realty, Inc., Brokers and Real Estate Associates have the experience, expertise, and the latest Real Estate technology, that Sellers and Buyers are looking for, to professionally assist them in Selling or Buying, Residential, Luxury Homes, Commercial / Industrial, Income, Land, Investment properties & “1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges”.  Whether your moving up, or moving down in property, moving across the country, or just across town, Network Realty and its experienced Brokers and Agents specialize in Individual Buying & Selling Real Estate Services, and Corporate Relocation, big and small.

Network Realty, is also Experience, Trained and Certified, in  “R.E.O”  Bank Owned Properties,  &  “Short Sale” Distressed Property transactions, to efficiently handle your Distressed Property needs with expertise, and dignity, if you are a SELLER;  to assist BUYERS who are searching for Extraordinary Real Estate Opportunities, whether you are a “First Time Home Buyer”, a seasoned “Real Estate Investor”, or a “Corporation” looking to “Relocate to Nevada” to take advantage of Nevada’s Friendly Business Incentives and overall Low Tax Base, offered by the State of Nevada, through “EDAWN” aka., The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada”.

If you are considering moving to “NEVADA, The Best Off-Shore Country I know.” (TM) & (C)  to enjoy the extraordinary quality of life, affordability, and some of the best education resources that Northern Nevada has to offer, including taking advantage of one of the best Tax Free States in the United States, whereby Nevada has; NO Personal State Income Tax not only on regular income, but there is NO Personal State Income Tax on Retirement income earned in another State.!!!

For example, if you earned all your income in California, or any state for that matter… and you relocated to Nevada, California (or any other state) cannot continue to Tax your retirement income… once you establish residency in Nevada…!

Moving to Nevada, is like giving yourself ~10%+ raise in Personal State Income and Real Estate Tax relief…! 

But their are numerous other tax advantages and benefits of Relocating to Nevada such as No State Corporate Tax, No Inventory Tax, No Use Tax, No Unitary Tax, No State Inheritance tax, No State Estate Tax, including having one of the lowest Real State Tax basis around.

Nevada also has a variety of overwhelming Tax Abatement and Bond Financing Incentive Friendly Statues that offer; Free Port Foreign Trade  Zones, Sales Tax and Real Estate Tax Abatement incentives, including Industrial Development Bonds, and “STAR”… aka.,  “State Tax Anticipated Revenue” Bonds, offered to qualified business’s and companies, making Northern Nevada one of the Top States to do business with in the nation…!

Nevada will not disappoint you… so what are you waiting for…!!!???

“Apple” Computer, just announced that they have finally “Discovered Nevada”…, and are in the process of building one on the largest “I-Cloud Computing” Data and Resource Centers in the country, committing over $1.2+ Billion dollar investment in Northern Nevada…!!!

TESLA Corporation, has chosen Northern Nevada over a dozen other prospect states to building their $5.2 Billion “Phase 1 GigaFactory”, which will be the largest manufacturing building in the world, encompassing over 10,000,000 Square Feet of state of the art manufacturing facility to build batteries for not only TESLA Electric Automobiles, but TESLA just announced that they will also be manufacturing the integrated modular “POWERWall”… for active standby bulk energy storage, for both Residential & Commercial Photo-voltaic Solar Systems,  which is a new disruptive game changing technology, that will significantly expand the use of Photo-Voltaic Solar Energy systems… all over the world…!

International Game Technology aka “IGT”, the worlds largest manufacturer of slot machines, gaming devices, and remote virtual platform gaming control software, who is currently the largest employer in Northern Nevada, was recently acquired by  “GTech S.p.A.” one of the worlds largest Gaming and Lottery providers… whose combined Employee Talent, Assets, Manufacturing capacity, and Intellectual Property, makes this merger, probably the most significant gaming powerhouse in the world…!,

Sierra Nevada Corporation, founded in 1963, is a privately held worldwide company, and is the largest Women Owned Federal Government Defense Contractor in the country, specializing in High-Tech Electronics, Engineering, and Manufacturing Company, with over 3,000 employees all over the world.

When it comes to “Welcoming Business to Nevada, Nevada Sells Itself”, all we have to do is remind our potential Relocation Clients that when “Dorothy” had lost her way on the Yellow Brick Road and realized;  “Toto, we are not in California (Insert your State here…!) anymore…!?!?  Dorothy finally found her way… when she recognized that: “This must be NEVADA… Because… “Nevada Means Business…!” (TM) (C)

Northern Nevada also has some of the most beautiful natural resource areas, and wilderness recreation opportunities available anywhere in the World, including Lake Tahoe, and over 12 World Class Ski Resorts, World Class Fishing, recreational activities at Pyramid Lake, Trout fishing, Kayaking and Rafting on the serene Truckee River, Hiking the High Sierra Mountains, World Class Cross Country Soaring and Gliding for Pilots, all who are discovering the indigenous natural beauty of the High Sierra Desert environs.!

Northern Nevada is also home to many avenues of Higher Education, including the University of Nevada, Reno, Truckee Meadows Community College, Sierra Nevada College, and the The Davidson Academy of UNR for gifted youth students. (University of Nevada, Reno, currently ranks 181 out of 1600 in Best Academic Universities across the Nation)

Buyers and Sellers can always expect and count on the best in personalized individual expert professional service from Network Realty, Inc., So CONTACT Network Realty with your Questions, and or make an APPOINTMENT  Today… Call: 775-686-8888 or E-Mail: