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Fathom Realty Brokers and Agents have a wealth of education and real estate experience to assist you in Buying, or Selling, your Home, Land, Investment Income Property, Commercial, or Industrial property.

If you are an Investor, or Home Owner, looking for an great investment opportunity, or a Distressed Property Owner looking to sell an underwater property, the Brokers and Licensed Real Estate Agents at Fathom Realty Team have the specialized knowledge and experience in assisting Sellers to procure Pre-Qualified Buyers who are willing to pay a fair market value for your property and maximize your return on investment…!

If you are a distressed property owner, we can help you, advising distressed home owners how to get out from under, an “Underwater Property” while assisting home owners to get “back on track” who choose to “Short Sale” their property, and obtain a “Waiver of Deficiency” from your Bank or Mortgage Lien Holder, and possibly receive from $1,500 to $10,000 “Cash for Keys” from your Bank or Mortgage Company upon the close of escrow to help you move forward, and qualify for the “IRS Mortgage Debt Relief and Forgiveness Act”, which exempts mortgage deficiencies on primary residences as Taxable Income, avoiding taxes and penalties, all the while avoiding Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and expensive legal fees.

The additional “Good News” is that there is typically “ZERO COST” to the Seller who cooperates with their Bank / Mortgage Company in executing a “Short Sale”, because all closing cost, including ALL COMMISSIONS for both the Listing Agent and the Selling Agent… are PAID BY THE BANK / MORTGAGE COMPANY…!!!

Fathom Realty Team Brokers and Agents Full Service and Expertise does not end with the closing of the Short Sale.  We will assist you not only to get into another property whether that be a “Rental” or “Relocation”…  Fathom Realty Team will also provide expert advise to  home owners who recently experienced a Short Sale, on how to “Restore Your Credit” to qualify to purchase another home, with another Government FHA Guaranteed Loan, after approximately Two (2) years from the close of escrow of their Short Sale… when the market finally hits bottom… creating another Buying opportunity for previously distressed Buyers… to get re-established and ride the new market recovery and renewed appreciation…!

In almost all instances, Sellers who choose to “Short Sale” their properties verses just giving up and allowing the Bank / Mortgage Company to Foreclose on them… will invariably always come out ahead, by restoring their credit sooner, and make a full recovery in only ~2 years, verses being stigmatized by a Foreclosure and having to wait ~10 years in the Statutory Credit Penalty Box…!

Short Sellers, there is no social stigma in doing a “Short Sale”, you are not alone, because “Everybody is doing it”… as of this writing, over 75% of all residential transactions… are distressed properties, and the majority of them are “Short Sales”…!

This real estate phenomena, is just part of the “normal” market healing process in allowing the reckless, fraudulent, and unsustainable lending practices, that created the economic excesses of the past, to “purge” themselves, and allow the market to find a renewed market balance… and this can only be achieved over time, by finding new Buyers… for all of those “inflated” properties that got so far ahead of market valuation reality… that the “ONLY LOGICAL OPTION” to achieve a means to that end… is to “Short Sale” that underwater property…!

Distressed Property Owners should be aware that with the Passing of Nevada Legislation “AB-284”, Banks and Mortgage Companies now are required to produce original mortgage documentation prior to initiating a “Foreclosure” and sending out a “Notice of Default” (aka a “NOD”.) “To prove… that they in fact own the Note and Deed of Trust… and have the necessary “Legal Standing” to Foreclose on the property”… This legislation sets a “very high bar” for Banks and Mortgage companies to prove that they own the Deed of Trusts that they own due to the fact that the majority of these mortgages have been “Sold into the Secondary Mortgage Market as bonds… sometimes sold many times over, all over the world”… which makes it very difficult… if not impossible in many cases, for Banks and Mortgage Companies to produce the necessary documentation that they are now required to prove that they are in fact the “Beneficiary” and owner of the Deed of Trust.

This is the main reason “Why” Banks and Mortgage Companies are embracing the “Short Sale Method” rather than “Foreclosure” in liquidating the excess “Hidden Inventory” of over 6 million property nationwide, that built up “Off their Balance Sheets”… during the time that they were negotiating the “Bank Settlement Act of 2012, with the US Government, in addition to the “other important incentive” that Banks and Mortgage Companies have in choosing to engage in negotiating “Short Sales”… is that it has been statistically demonstrated that they lose ~40% less money doing a “Short Sale” vs. executing a “Foreclosure”…!

So, If you are “upside down” and “underwater” in your home mortgage… NOW IS THE TIME to CONTACT Experienced Professionals at Fathom Realty Team a call, or e-mail, and we will gladly assist you in selling your distressed property to a qualified Buyer… so that you and your family can again look forward towards a bright and positive future…!

Disclosure: Fathom Realty, always recommends that distressed property home owners consult with other specialized Tax & Accounting Professionals, because State, Federal Legislation, and Internal Revenue Regulations, can change over time.