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If you are an experienced investor, or a new to investing and want to learn how to build wealth in your retirement portfolio to secure your future, particularly with the current low prices of real estate, and interest rates at all time 60 year lows… there is no better time to Buy Real Estate than TODAY.!

Whether you are looking for a single family Home, Duplex, Multifamily Complex, Retail, Commercial, Industrial or Land bank property, Network Realty’s experienced Brokers and Agents knows the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Lake Tahoe markets, because we are investors as well, who don’t just “Talk the Talk”…, we will “Walk the Walk” with you through the entire process from finding outstanding real estate opportunities, to analyzing your potential property purchases as if we were going to buy them ourselves… so you know that that property will pass the most stringent litmus tests for efficiency and durability and high Rate of Return of your hard earned investment dollars.

With the housing and financial crisis going on since the market peaked in 2009, the price of single family homes are typically selling for less than 50% of their cost to build, laying the foundation for Investors to build an investment portfolio relying on a dependable and vigorous upward moving rental market, fueled by the insatiable constant influx of previous homeowners who have been recently Foreclosed on, or who have had to Short Sale their property, who now have no choice but to Rent… in addition to the high numbers of people needing to rent who are relocating to Nevada.

As a result of the high demand for rental properties, Rents in the Northern Nevada area are rising appreciatively allowing for very attractive rates of return on Income Property Investments, generating returns varying from 10% – 25%, to as much as 85+% R.O.I’s on properties financed with minimal down payments.

BOARDWALK REALTY NETWORK REALTY TEAM Brokers and Agents have the resources to direct Investors to affordable financing sources in order to build their wealth and secure their future.

EDWARD LORD, BROKER / SALESMAN  775-843-3333 OR 775-843-3333